To develop into a well equipped scientifically managed Modern Research Farm.

To1 maximize production, Intensive Cultivation focusing on field economics; reducing the input cost of the crop in comparison with other crops grown in the area. We further lay analysis on modern technological advancement in order to minimize the cost of labour and efficient working.”

The FSM Sugarcane Research and Seed Multiplication Farm is a Research and Development Project located adjacent to FSML factory. Total area of the farm is 17.91 hector (44.25 acres) and 100% area under cultivation. The farm is equipped with latest farm machinery. FSM (SR & SM) Farm conducts field trials and experiments the promising sugarcane pipeline varieties, latest field management practices, planting methods and quality yield of plant and ratoon crop.

27 pipeline varieties of different research stations are under experimental process since last 3 years. Some promising pipeline varieties like S-2003-US-633, S2003-US-718, S-2003-US-778, NIA-2011 and HOTH-127, after satisfactory field trials have been provided to growers for multiplication. All these research practices are being carried out in collaboration with different govt. research institute like Nuclear Institutes of Agriculture; Tando Jam, Ayoob Agriculture Research Institute; Faisalabad and National Crops Research Station; Thatta.

We Focus on the following:

  • Healthy Seed propagation programme (HSPP)
  • Spaced transplanting technique (STP)
  • Sugarcane Ratoon Management (SRM)
  • Skip furrow method of irrigation (SFMI) – water saving sugarcane production technology.
  • Drought resistant varieties
  • Facilitating of the growers with latest agronomical practices.

Human Capital

Human resource development is a strategic task at FSML; a task which entails identifying the existing talent and potential for development in the current work force, investing in the human capital before formal assessment of work performance.

At Faran Sugar Mills strategies are formulated to foster an environment which brings best out of its people, by inducing close coordination between different functional departments.

The company believes its employees to be one of the critical success factors contributing to the company’s performance since incorporation. At FSML we recruit best people, give equal opportunities for growth, motivate them through leaders and reward their performance, so that these best people find themselves with the vision of the company. The board is committed to ensure compliance with code of conduct, developed to govern work behavior, in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect to recognize and value his contribution towards the achievement of company’s objectives.

We are committed to create a culture, comprising of best working environment, remuneration, incentives and opportunities for personal growth, which induces highly qualified professionals to be retained and associated with the company for a significant period. Moreover the company is keen to introduce new blood to keep pace with the innovative and changing environment.

We are committed to equality of opportunity for all regardless of gender, age, race, physical ability, religion and political conviction as laid down in company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The company seriously takes its obligation to the disabled and seeks not to discriminate against current or prospective employees because of any disability.

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to process quality and safe food product to satisfy our customers by using latest technology, strict hygienic conditions with the team of qualified and trained personnel.

We also strive to improve continually by communicating with our customers, suppliers, and by meeting statutory and regulatory food safety requirements.


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