Core Values


We believe in relentless commitment to continuous improvement and encourage ideas from all stakeholders. For this, we define quality, as understanding the customers expectation.


We are committed to excellence in all spheres of performance and have firm belief that our core values emerges from satisfying our customers needs of quality management.

Employees’ Growth & Development

Our philosophy is to create a congenial working environment where dignity and value of the personnel is considered as top responsibility. We focus on encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to the company’s success.


Managerial and professional competence is vital for our success, therefore we value leadership qualities coupled with drive to challenge the status quo.

Ethics & Integrity

We constantly strive to establish and maintain highest professional and ethical standards and strongly believe that honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity are the land mark of our success. Choosing the course of the highest integrity has always been our intent.


We have developed an attitude to successfully discharge our responsibilities to maximize returns to our stakeholders by constantly meeting their expectations.

Team Work

High Performance team can accomplish what individuals can not. Therefore we strive to develop a team of professionals having relevant specialization in respective domain.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our focus on finding every opportunity which reduces cost while improving operations based on ethical conduct remains crucial to our continued success. Company’s code of conduct set out the minimum standards expected from the entire team. By this we are able to maintain excellent eminence amongst all of business partners in a professional manner. We have a firm conviction that employees have an obligation to themselves and to the company to raise any matter of business conduct or ethics which cause concern. No one is allowed to commit an illegal or unethical act. In general we treat our personnel as company’s ambassadors to all our stakeholders therefore expected to promote the company’s best interest maintaining integrity and confidentiality in all dealings. Business ethics help protect both the employees and the company from unfounded indictment of pretext or deception and fraud. Further ensures, any fraud that has or might have taken place, must be properly investigated and dealt within a timely manner.

The company activities & operations are carried out in strict compliance of all applicable laws & highest ethical standards. While dealing with stakeholders, the company is strictly prohibited to be engaged, directly or indirectly, in anyn malpractices. Corporate funds and assets will be utilized solely for the company’s objectives in a lawful manner. We will support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and within the company’s sphere of influence, undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental safety and encourage the development and diffusion of environmental friendly technology. Employees are expected to safeguard confidential information and must not without authority; disclose such information about company activities to any outside source that are not entitled to such information. Any dealings between staff and outside organization in which they have a direct, indirect or family connection must be fully disclosed to the management. We will not discriminate against any employee for any reason such as race, religion, political conviction or gender, and will treat everyone with full dignity and with respect for their private lives. Any violation of this conduct shall be promptly reported to the management by any employee having knowledge thereof.

Corporate social Responsibility

Environmental Transforming raw materials

Sugar production remains at the core of our operations, but using a highly integrated approach to manufacturing, we aim to transform all of our raw materials into sustainable products. We have invested millions of rupees in the last two decades to continuously improve our use of raw materials, installing leading technology in energy efficiency, power, and water treatment. This substantial investment has increased our operational capabilities and enabled us to produce best quality sugar.

Faran Sugar believes that protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility and all employees are accountable for environmental performance.

Social Our people

We believe that our people are the key to our success. Faran Sugar’s diverse business holds a multi-skilled workforce with specialists in engineering, business, finance, and agriculture and we work as one team to succeed. Built upon the values of respect, being safe, pride, customer focus, one team and a passion to excel, we train people to both know and care about what they do, by setting clear and focused objectives.


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Contact Person: Muhammad Ayub
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